IMG Stage Line PARL-30SPOT -

IMG Stage Line PARL-30SPOT

Kód zboží: 383100

RGB LED spotlights, 4 DMX funkce, LED 5mm, 90 LED diod.

  • Cena vč. DPH:2 773 Kč
  • Cena bez DPH:2 292 Kč
  • Dostupnost: Na dotaz (obvykle do 7 dní)

IMG Stage Line PARL-30SPOT

RGB LED spotlights, 4 DMX funkce, LED 5mm, 90 LED diod. Manuál zašleme na požádání.

LED spotlight, 3 primary colours (red, green and blue), with colour mixer and dimmer feature via DMX interface, automatic DMX addressing.
  • 90 super bright LEDs, 5mm each (beam angle: 20°), for highest luminous efficiency (red: 24, green: 33, blue: 33)
  • 4 DMX control functions: (channel 1: red, channel 2: green, channel 3: blue, channel 4: dimmer/strobe)
  • Music-controlled via integrated microphone
  • Master/slave mode with automatic run of programmes 
  • Controllable via optional mini remote control LC-3 or controllers LED-4C, LED-8C
  • Automatic or manual DMX addressing 
  • Processor-controlled colour change
  • Long life with low power consumption and low heat generation
  • Supplied with mounting bracket and mounting plate
  • 1.2m connection cable with earthed plug
  • Power supply: 230V˜/50Hz/10VA
  • Dimensions: Ø 120mm x 120mm 
  • Weight: 1kg

"Cute little spotlights. Both PARL-30 units feature a nice colour mixture, you can't go wrong. Very competitive price."

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